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What needs to be done now?

Posted by: FernieChamber
Monday, April 3, 2017

What business activities are taking up the most of your time? Are these activities making your company money? Are you defining your to-do list with what needs to be done, or what you want to do? What is your goal for this quarter, for this year? This question will often bring up more than one urgent task. But the most successful businesses will go through the next step which is deciding who on your team is best suited to accomplish these tasks. Great leader will assess the list, identify the ones he or she is best suited to tackle and delegate the others. Sometimes in a small business it is hard to justify delegating, perhaps your team is small or perhaps your small business is just you.

I get how hard this is. I have been there too. About ten years ago, I bought a franchise business that repaired the clear coat on cars, a service business. I really enjoyed the work. I would take a dull faded car and make it shine like new again. As a small business owner wearing many hats, I was the sales, accounting, human resources and cleaning departments. Because I enjoyed the paint renewal process, I found it easy to go out, get one car, and take the next two days working on the car. The problem was, to pay all the bills, I needed more than one car every three days. I was not spending my time doing what was best for my company. As a start-up, what I needed to be working on was selling my service. In the end, I hired a part-time employee to work on the cars while I went out and worked on sales. Soon, the shop was filled with two cars a day rather than two cars a week.

What needs to be done now in your business? Are you working on the tasks to get you there? Have you delegated tasks better suited to others on your team? Take some time to analyze these questions. Then prioritize and build a plan. 



Read more on this topic - What Makes an Effective Executive, Harvard Business Review, by Peter Drucker, 2004

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