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Capasiti Consulting Inc
Cindy Pearson and Steve Thomson
Capasiti Consulting Inc. (Capasiti) is a specialist management consulting firm focused on industry-led economic development initiatives in knowledge- and innovation-based sectors. 
Led by Cindy Pearson and Steve Thomson, Capasiti is a syndicate of experienced professionals who research, develop and deliver programs and policies for corporate and industry sector growth.
Tell us a bit about your history, expansion and growth.
Capasiti was formed in 2015 just shortly before Cindy and Steve moved from Vancouver to Fernie, BC. Before founding Capasiti, Cindy spent 18 years in senior executive roles at technology industry associations in Waterloo, Toronto and Vancouver, while Steve brings a background in market research and technology product development. Recognizing that they could run their business from anywhere, they chose to relocate closer to their family in Fernie, building a successful business from here.
What is your mission, vision and values?
To make a difference! Generating a positive impact, in our community, our province and our country.
What is one of your shinning accomplishments?
Cindy’s mainstay contract is with Techwest Canada, as the BC Regional Manager, an organization that assists technology companies with driving global partnerships and sales at select large international events.
Is there anything new or big happening provincially we should be aware of? 
Capasiti, in partnership with Under the Sun Consulting Corp., was recently chosen by the Province of British Columbia to deliver TechDev 101, a series of 14 regional workshops to help rural communities identify the critical elements needed to attract and support innovation and knowledge-based company’s and workers.
What was your most recent award?
Capasiti was awarded the 2016 Chamber Business Excellence award for their active contributions to the Fernie Chamber of Commerce and the Fernie business community
How can we contact you?
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