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Griz Days 2019

2019 Griz Days

Brought to you by: 

Denham GM

March 1-3

Event Location:

  • Fernie Alpine Resort
  • Station Square Fernie
  • Various other locations around Fernie

What are Griz Days? 

Griz Days is a winter festival dedicated to celebrating the Griz? Who is the Griz? The Griz is an old mountain man living in the peaks around Fernie. Fernie Legends talk of him firing his musket into the sky and encouraging the clouds to lay down the legendary powder that people travel to Fernie from all over the world for. Read the Griz’s story below.



Fernie has not always been graced with the fine snow conditions we now enjoy. As the legend goes, a baby boy was born back in the year of 1879 in the midst of a cruel and bitter winter. It is said that the baby was born in a grizzly bear's cave high in the mountains and quickly grew strong in the harsh conditions. Sometime later the resident bear awoke, mean and ravenously hungry. A terrible battle ensued between the two - one fighting for his life and the other for his dinner. The next day, the townspeople went into the mountains to try to discover the source of all the noise from the previous night and they looked high and low on the mountain. One of the men thought he saw a little boy wearing a bear coat and hat nimbly leaping from rock to rock up on the lofty peaks. His friends laughed at him and the incident was soon forgotten.

Many years later, a group of intrepid ski tourers were boot packing on the peaks of the Lizard Range in the midst of a heavy snowstorm. When they stopped for breath, one of the men glanced up at the peak they were climbing. There on the very summit, stood a fantastic sight. A man with shoulders six feet wide, carrying a musket eight feet long. The bulk of the man's estimated 300 pounds was made to look even more awesome by the bristly, grizzly goat he wore. A bear hat was pulled down, shadowing his eyes. As the skiers watched, the man aimed his giant musket into the clouds and fired, causing blankets of snow to fall from the sky above. This delighted the skiers who loved that special brand of powder snow. The travelers quickly skied down the mountain and excitedly told everyone of their experience. Some of the town's elders remembered the sighting of a little grizzly-clad boy so long ago, and the discovery of massive, bare footed tracks upon the snow-covered peaks at a later date, and slowly the legend took shape.

In recognition and admiration of the man who became known as 'GRIZ', the town's people held a festival all week. Sporting events, competitions, parades and gatherings marked the legend. The citizen who embodied the spirit of the GRIZ through that week was made honorary GRIZ for the rest of the year. To this day, this festival continues every February in tribute to our powder king, while the best powder skiing conditions in the west continue to blanket our mountains.


What can you look forward to if you attend Griz Days? Lots of laughs, lots of fun, and an in-depth look at the local pride that anyone living in Fernie for 2 weeks or 20 years has. Griz days celebrates the best of Fernie. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s festivities!

Events to look out for! 

Full details available at ferniegrizdays.com

*Photo credits to Matt Kuhn

Dummy Downhill                 Extreme Griz                        Ski with Griz



Lumber Jack Show             Griz Days Parade                Fireworks


How can businesses get involved with these events?

  • Show some Fernie spirit by creating a wintery window display. However, it is important to keep in mind that neither the Fernie Chamber of Commerce or the City of Fernie own the Griz, so please do not use it without express permission from the owner.
  • Put up the festival poster, distribute the Griz Days magazine, and encourage customers to attend the events.
  • Since Griz Days is a weekend long festival and the events are scattered throughout the day and through town. We encourage you to get creative and think of a festival themed desert or drink or entrée item at your restaurant or café. Or predominantly feature menu items that attendees are more likely to purchase, such as:
    • Grab and go options
    • Hot drinks or cups of soup
    • Festive or hearty meals the Griz might recommend
  • Provide a special shopping deal or host activity for event. Promote the event by extending offers for staff and clients to attend. Here are some examples:
    • No sales tax
    • 10% a winter item like mittens or ski boots
    • Feature goods made in Fernie
    • Feature festival/event theme products at your store. Make a rack featuring winter survival items.
  • Sponsors can use images of Griz Days to promote the event and themselves by sending their images or Griz Days deals to visitors@ferniechamber.com in order to be promoted on our social media channels.
  • To see a complete list of sponsorship opportunities please click here.

Be in the Griz Days Magzine!

This will be the third publication of our amazing Griz Days Magazine. Which is as practical for Griz Day Attendee’s, as it is for local businesses looking for some extra advertising.

The Griz Days Magazine is designed to be a keepsake for all 2017 festival attendees and our wider community, with gorgeous photography and design.

Raise your visibility and be a part of this very special launch issue:

  • In 2017, 3000 print copies were made and distributed in the Elk Valley. Demand was higher than expected and we recognized a need to print more in subsequent years.
  • This year we plan to print 3000+ the number is not yet finalized.
  • Plan to circulate a digital edition
  • Full page plus bleed (8.5” X 11”), half page (7.75” X 5”), quarter page (3.75” X 5”), and eighth page (3.75” X 2.375”) ads are available.

Questions? Email visitors@ferniechamber.com

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