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5 Networking Tips

Posted by: FernieChamber
Thursday, May 31, 2018
Summer, the time of year that networking comes to you. Community events are in abundance and opportunities to introduce yourself are everywhere. Wednesday Night Socials, The Valley Social Co. patio, or out and about on Second Ave never be afraid to say hello. As for a more formal setting, here are a few tips to consider while attending networking events hosted by our local businesses and the Fernie Chamber. 
1. Do your homework – Research ahead of time, to see who else will be attending this event. Who is the host? Set a goal of meeting up to five new contacts and don’t forget to dress appropriately, make your choice based off of venue and attendees. First impressions can go a long way, so be sure to put your best foot forward.
2. Business Cards – Seems obvious, but why do we always forget? Many of us experience the ‘in one ear, out the other’ problem. You may have an incredible conversation with someone, but what use is it to them unless they remember your name. Always have a card on hand. Running low? Order a fresh batch from Lilac Media & or Fernie Printing Co.
3. Connect Online After Meeting in Person - Even more of a sustainable effort. Finding your new connection online creates a more long-term relationship. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – the list goes on. 
4. Volunteer – Spare an evening out of your schedule and choose a local charity, or organization to support. Not only will this be beneficial for your business, but personal life as well. Choose an event that has merit to your life. Heck, even bring a friend. Upcoming events in the community that need volunteers are: 
*Avalanche City Roller Girls Derby, happening on June 2nd. Contact: fernierollerderby@hotmail.com 
*Wednesday Night Concert Series. Hosted by The Arts Station. Contact: Louise admin@theartsstation.com or 250-423-4842.
*Fernie Trails Alliance is looking for help with their events, trail maintenance crews and special project helpers. Contact: manager@fernietrailsalliance.com 
5. Do It Often – Networking is not a once-off affair. Consistency is key. Opportunities are everywhere all day, every day. Enjoy your summer and get out there!

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