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Goals? Oh ya those. . . .

Posted by: FernieChamber
Thursday, March 8, 2018
It happens to all of us, we have grand plans to do a renovation, re-merchandise the shop, start a business blog or whatever new and exciting thing you’ve waited until the New Year’s to declare.  Then obstacles get in the way and our goals get caste aside in pursuit of the “more important” things that have fallen into our laps. We struggle to gather the strength and effort of making time for our goals and before you know it’s time for another New Year’s declaration.
So how do we overcome our obstacles and put our goals back on the top shelf? 
Re-evaluation is a must.  Visons boards, lists or even voice recordings allow you to really find out what is important to you now verses when you had your head in the clouds. Try to narrow down your goals to three to five and really focus on how these will help your business see success.   For example, will it help you operate smoother, attract new customers or achieve a higher profit.  Put these goals somewhere so that you can see them every day. In your office or on your fridge at home or both.  That way they will be top of mind whenever you are making choices for your business. 
Setting aside time for your goals can be tricky.  Let’s get honest here, you are not going to spend all day working on goals and aspirations, even if you schedule it in with all good intentions.  One to two hours, once or twice a week will be enough. But make sure you put it on the top of the day, you know it’s going to get pushed aside at 4pm on a Friday.  If you are going to do something big where it means shutting down the shop for a week or more, make sure you schedule it when business is a bit slower and you don’t have as much staff to worry about. 
Comparing your obstacles to your outcome is a must.  It’s the carrot in front of the horse.  Figure out and be honest to what your obstacles are.  Kids, staffing, skiing ect.  Then come up with ways to resolve them.  Keeping in mind what will come of accomplishing your goal, will help you come up with way to work with these distractions.  Are you going to make more money in the long run or is it going to free up more time for you to spend at the lake this summer? Whatever they are, keep asking yourself “If I achieve my goal(s) will it resolve or take care of these obstacles and will I be better off?”
In the end, we all know that whatever our intentions were on January 1st, they were there for a reason.  Reevaluating these goals, making time to make change and comparing your obstacles to your outcomes will help you achieve these goals and aspirations.  So next year, your New Years Resolutions will really be new. 
“I don’t focus on what I’m up against.  I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest” – Venus Williams

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