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Security for your Business

Posted by: FernieChamber
Friday, September 7, 2018
Security for your Business
With the most recent thefts happening in town, how do you protect your physical investments?  We asked Ryan Doehle from Isosceles Business Systems Inc. how he would best to handle security for your business.
How do you protect your business?
Cameras are a great way to add security to any home or business. They can help to monitor business activities, access control, building management, point of sale systems, ATMs, and the obvious fire alarms, intruder and visitor management, and they can even facilitate communication between store locations. Today, they are easier than ever to install and use. 
How long does installation take?
That depends on the size of your building and how many cameras you wish to have set up. A good rule of thumb is about 1-1.5 hours per camera, and we see small business installations taking less than one day. Only one cable is needed for both power and video, and the cameras are ready out of the box!
What sort of cameras should you use?
IP cameras offer better resolution than Analog cameras through facial recognition, license plate recognition, intrusion protection, sound detection, and they also offer mobile surveillance through Applications. Many features are built into the cameras, like: video motion detection, audio detection, active tampering alters, and more. You have a choice of indoor and outdoor rated cameras; the outdoor rated cameras are weather resistant and vandal resistant.
What’s the cost of an IP Camera system?
It can range, but for small businesses we typically see them spending around $2,000 for an IP camera system.
What are the benefits? Footage from cameras can be stored and recorded offsite, ensuring that you can have convenient access and added security. It’s easy to view and monitor your cameras from anywhere via Axis software apps, where you can zoom and focus if needed.
These systems are very flexible and they can adapt to your growing business one camera at a time. And most obviously, incorporating a camera system into your home or business gives you the benefit of peace of mind! 

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