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Hosting an Event in Fernie



Does your event promote tourism in Fernie?

Is it a new event or an expanding event?

If you said yes, you may be eligible for funding to help with your event.

Contact the Fernie Chamber of Commerce at (250) 423-6868 or ed@ferniechamber.com for more details.


Do I need a city permit?

Some events may require a permit from the City of Fernie.

If your event is held in a private venue (eg: hotels), you do not require a permit.

If your event is held in a public venue (city parks, lawns, etc.), you will need to sign a rental agreement which you can find at City Hall (501 3rd Ave). 

For more on public facility rental, see Bylaw No. 2056.


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Do I need a liquor license?

If alcohol is served at your event, you will need a liquor license. You can obtain an application at City Hall (501 3rd Ave). For more information on liquor licenses and Special Occasion Licenses (SOL), visit the City of Fernie webpage.


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Do I need event insurance?

Many venues require that events are covered by insurance. Having event insurance protects you from liability in the case of injuries, damage to property, and much more. Event insurance is a good idea in most cases because you never know when something may go wrong. 

If alcohol is served at your event, make sure you ask for liquor liability. In many cases, the event host can be held responsible if an event-goer consumes alcohol and causes injury to them self or others or property damage. Liquor liability insurance protects you from this.

You can find many event insurance providers online.


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What venues are available?

Fernie offers numerous venues for events from public parks and city owned facilities to hotels and lodges.

The following is a list of venues in Fernie by category.


Parks & City Lawns


Size of Space

People Capacity

Power or Kitchen Availability


City Hall


(250) 423-6817


Large lawn, full block.



$5.00/hour or $25/day

Court House (lawn)

(250) 423-6817

Large lawn, full block.



$5.00/hour or $25/day

Max Turyk School Fields

(250) 423-6817

Large, well-maintained soccer fields and additional green space.



Minor &


Daily $37.75

Team per Season


Weekend Tournaments $80.75



Daily $53.75

Team per Season


Weekend Tournaments $268.75


Prentice Park

(250) 423-6817

Rental of Concession Stand


Concession stand


Annex Park

(250) 423-6817






Dogwood Park
(250) 423-6817

Large parking area, picnic tables, boat launch.




Rotary Park

(250) 423-6817

Large treed field (full block) and/or large gazebo available


Power at gazebo





Green Space:

$5/hour or $25/day

James White Park

(250) 423-6817

Forested park with some green space next to Elk River.


Some power near ball fields

Ball Fields:




Green Space:

$1.00/hour or $10/day


City Buildings


Size of Space

People Capacity

Power or Kitchen Availability


Fernie Chamber of Commerce

(250) 423-6868

Small board room 10-20

Power and small kitchen available


Tea and coffee provided


Half Day-$50

Full Day-$70



Half Day-$85

Full Day-$100


Ask about non-profit pricing!

Aquatic Center

(250) 423-4466

Small Multipurpose/ meeting room


Power available.

No kitchen.

Multipurpose Room

-Individuals and Non-profit $9.50/hour

-Commercial $14.50/hour

Arts Station

(250) 423-4842

-Midsize concert hall

-Small Gallery

-Small meeting room




Upper Meeting Room-15

The Blue Toque Diner offers catering for events.



Upper Meeting Room-$15/hour

Community Centre

(250) 423-6817

70' x 90' gym with 24' x 42' stage


Full kitchen available ($50 surcharge)


Per Hour $22.75 Per Day $408.50 Commercial

Per Hour $49.50

Per Day $822.50 Liquor Events Individual

Per day $575.00 Commercial

Per day $1114.00

Max Turyk Community Centre

(250) 423-6817

Medium sized gym, classrooms available to rent.








Individual $14.80/hour



Fernie Memorial Arena

(250) 423-6817

180’ x 80’ ice/floor space


Space for caterers, no kitchen.


Fernie Curling Club

(250) 423-6817

Large banquet hall


Fully licensed with kitchen

Minor & Youth Per Hour $14.00

Per Day $225.00


Per Hour $37.50 Per Day $300.00


Per Hour $68.75 Per Day $550.00

Liquor Events

Individual $425/day

Commercial $750/day

Seniors Drop in Center

(250) 423-3312

Small facility with tables and chairs


Full kitchen

For details call (250) 423-3312

Private Venues / Conference Rooms


Size of Space

People Capacity

Power or Kitchen Availability


Best Western Fernie Mountain Lodge

(250) 423-5500

-Small board room (Morrissey)

-Grand Ball Room (50’x52’)

-Mt Proctor/ Mt Trinity Rooms (25’x26’)



Grand Ball-180


Mt Proctor/ Trinity-70

Full Catering kitchen and bar


Full A/V equipment



Grand Ball:

-Full day $525

-Half Day $475


Mt Proctor/ Trinity:

Full day $275

Half day $225

Griz Inn

(250) 423-9221

Rusty Edge Restaurant

-Large restaurant/dining area

-Large deck


Rusty Edge Restaurant offers catering for events

Call for quote

(250) 423-9221

Park Place Lodge

(250) 423-6871

Mt Fernie Room-

31’ X 13.6’


Fireside Room-

24.6’ X 32’

Mt Fernie-25



Hotel offers full catering options


Full A/V equipment

Call for quote

(250) 423-6871

Lizard Creek Lodge

(250) 423-2057

Wedding lawn, conference rooms

150 - weddings

Full service by hotel

Call for quote

(250) 423-2057

Fernie Golf and Country Club

(250) 423-7773

5000ft. sq.


150 seated

230 standing

Full food and beverage service. Custom menu.


Island Lake Lodge

(250) 423-3700

“I Dew Point” lakeside wedding lawn


Conference Room-

22' X 24'




Full food and beverage service by lodge


Tea, coffee, pastries, refreshments provided

Call for quote

(250) 423-3700


(250) 423-5000

2 Large conference rooms

100 each

Restaurant in Hotel

Call for quote

(250) 423-5000

Red Tree Lodge

(250) 423-4622

Cedar Room (meeting)-650ft. sq.


Front-1050ft. sq.

Middle-665ft. sq.


Full restaurant rental-90

Kitchen available to rent.

Food and beverage service available (sandwiches, drinks, snacks)



Weddings/larger events-$300-$1000

Elk View Lodge

(250) 430-1077

1 (888) 733-7643

10,500ft. sq.


Main hall

120 (accommodation for 27)

Full commercial kitchen

Rental as full lodge only.

Rates ~$50/night per person at full capacity

Alpine Lodge

(250) 423-4237

Full lodge

100 (65 dining, accommodation for 18)

Catering by Yama2Go. Full bar.

Call for quote

(250) 423-4237

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Where can I find community support (volunteers)?

Volunteer Fernie is a useful Facebook page meant to help Fernie and area residents post and find volunteer opportunities. All you have to do is write a post about your event on the page.

The Fernie Rotary Club is another resource for finding volunteers. The club meets at noon on Wednesdays at the Park Place Lodge.

The Fernie Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Park Place Lodge.

Fernie.com and Our Fernie have community forums where you can post about volunteer needs.


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Where can I rent equipment and supplies?

Patti's Party Tent Rental offers tents, tables, decorations, and more.


The Fernie Chamber of Commerce has certain A/V equipment available for rent including an LCD projector and screen, amplifier, and microphone.

We also offer other equipment including a tent , display boards, and an easel with flipchart.

Contact the Fernie Chamber of Commerce at (250) 423-6868 for more details.


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