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Fernie Ambassador Program

Upcoming VIRTUAL Fernie Ambassador Program courses: 


Thursday 24 September @ 12:30 pm
Monday 19 October @ 12:30 pm
Tuesday 10 November @ 12:30 pm
Thursday 26 November @ 12:30 pm
Thursday 10 December @ 9:00 am


Only $20 per person!

Pre-register by calling the College at 250.423.4691. 

Online registration available through COTR Continuing Education




The Fernie Ambassador Program is an exciting opportunity for our city to increase business and develop a passionate and resourceful community. The educational program is open to all residents of the Fernie area and encourages awareness of local business offerings, community resources and assistance and trails and recreation. The program will provide even long-term residents with insights and value to assist visitors to have an enhance stay in Fernie. A large component of the program focuses on customer service – making program participants more desirable assets to current or future employers. 
This program is a fantastic opportunity to connect with likeminded residents, get inspired about this amazing place we are so fortunate to live in and help promote Fernie as a memorable destination for visitors to return.
Let’s not forget the perks! All Fernie Ambassadors will have access to exclusive discounts on a bunch of local activities, services restaurants and retail stores. The discounts are issued via the Fernie Ambassador App, allowing participants maximize their local product knowledge.

Who is it for:

Everyone - new residents, seasonals workers, long-time locals. 
“The Ambassador program was extremely motivating for the Fernie Hotel staff. It provided us with a wide range of knowledge about Fernie that has helped us engage and inspire our customers.
Attending the course as a team encouraged us as Ambassador’s to elevate the service we provide.”
Alicia Denis, General Manager, The Fernie Hotel

“It is imperative my staff is knowledgeable in what Fernie has to offer. The Ambassador Program equipped my team with destination knowledge and customer service skills to be able to go above and beyond for our guest. Improving the visitor experience is beneficial to everyone and this program is doing exactly that.”
Marina Pauw, Owner/Operator Fernie Super 8 # 1 Fernie hotel, TripAdvisor“

Program Details:

The program consists of a four-hour class room based session focusing on local product knowledge, history, cross-cultural understanding and customer service skills. Part two is ongoing, where local businesses have provided exclusive discounts and offerings to Fernie Ambassadors to provide familiarization of their product.
This provides first-hand experience and greater confidence to excite guests/customers about the city of Fernie and all the things to see and do!

Brief list of topics that are covered:

  • Customer service skills
  • Fernie history and legends 
  • Local knowledge of the culture, arts, and sports scene
  • Tools to access Fernie Community Resources.
  • Overview of local businesses and unique to Fernie offerings
  • Local wildlife and outdoor safety tips
  • Local housing opportunities
  • Winter safety tips(snow and avalanche awareness)/Summer safety tips (river safety)

Business Sponsors and Employee Savings:

Sign your business up to give your staff access to the Fernie Ambassador Pass that gets them discounts at participating businesses. 

More information on getting your business involved is available here.

For  further questions on the program, please contact Lori Bradish at lori@elkvalley.net


Ambassador Program Task Force

The Fernie Ambassador Program is a partner-led initiative with support from Fernie Chamber of Commerce, College of the Rockies, Resort Municipality Initiative, Tourism Fernie, and EK Employment

The program is administered by the Fernie Chamber of Commerce in consultation with the Fernie Ambassador Program Task Force. If you are interested in volunteering for the task force, please contact the Chamber at 250.423.6868.
Fernie Ambassador Program Task Force:
Alicia Clarke - Grow Children's Boutique
Anita Palmer - College of the Rockies
Jeremiah Pauw - Fernie Super 8
Marina Pauw - Fernie Super 8
Brad Parsel - Fernie Lodging Company
Sheila Byers - Park Vacation Managment
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