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Chamber FAQs

1. What is the Fernie Chamber of Commerce? 

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organization in Fernie working on behalf of its members to advance and strengthen commerce in Fernie. Our activities, programming, and advocacy are designed to support our members and fulfill our mission. 

2. How are the activities of the Chamber funded? 

The Chamber's core operations are funded by annual membership fees and other fundraising activities including the Business Excellence Awards Gala, and programming.

3. Who runs the Chamber? 

The Chamber is run by a 12 member Board of Directors. The volunteer directors set the overall vision and strategy of the organization. The Chamber employs staff to excecute the vision and strategy of the Board. 

4. Doesn't the Chamber work for the City? 

The Chamber fulfills a fee-for-service contract with the City of Fernie to deliver Visitor Information services to guests and locals of Fernie. The funds from the City are used to advertise the Visitor Centres, employ and train Visitor Information Counsellors, and overhead fees of the Visitor Information Center. The Visitor Centre also receives revenues from the sani-dump and retail sales. 


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