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Mission Possible

Earn $20 per shop & report, plus a minimum of $30 towards a purchase of your choice at the assigned business.

If you live in Fernie or have a second home here, you might request a retail mission, or opportunity to report on a dining experience. If you are a visitor, you might book accommodation, or plan an-person shop, service or dining experience on a date you know you will be in Fernie. There are 7 different options. Tell us your preferences when you register.

After your first completed assignment, you’ll receive a Fernie Ambassador Pass.  The Pass gives you discounts at multiple local businesses, easily tracked with an iPhone or Android app.

How it works.

Complete the application form here.

We’ll let you know by email when you’ve added to the Shopper Database. Be in touch again when we have a specific shop request.

Respond promptly, please, to any specific requests: yes or no.  Assuming you say, “Yes, I am available”, you’ll receive:

  • login information for the online reporting tool, together with a PDF of the specific questions you’ll be expected to answer;
  • preferred time frame for the shop (time of day, day of the week); and,
  • a reminder of the deadline for completing the shop.

Once a mystery shop is complete and you’ve filled your report, the final step is submitting your shop receipt to the Chamber via email. We will reimburse you for the agreed-upon amount of purchases you’ve kept or consumed.

Note: instead of submitting a receipt, you also have the option of promptly returning a purchase or canceling a booking. You’ll still receive the $20 honorarium for the shop itself.

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